Collaborating On New Music?! BLACKPINK'S Rosé & Olivia Rodrigo

Collaborating On New Music?! BLACKPINK'S Rosé & Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo was just spotted out to dinner with BLACKPINK’s Rosé, sparking collaboration rumors, because music video director Petra Collins was also in attendance. 

Let’s get into what we know! Ever since Olivia Rodrigo shot to the top of the charts with her debut album Sour, fans have been wondering what’s next for her musically. 

It seems like anything is possible for her and the world is her oyster when it comes to potential future collabs. Sooo naturally, fans were excited when Olivia was spotted out to dinner with none other than BLACKPINK’s Rosé. 

While Rosé is a part of the iconic group BLACKPINK, she also recently released her first solo album. And her solo music was a huge hit raking in hundreds of millions of views and listens, just like Olivia’s. And to make things even more exciting, 

Olivia and Rosé weren’t at dinner, just them two. They were joined by director Petra Collins and influencer Devon Carlson. Seems like it could’ve been a meeting! 

Fans know that Petra and Olivia have already worked together on Good 4 U and for some of her magazine covers. 

And on top of all this, Olivia has noted that she wants to collaborate with BLACKPINK soo could it be happening?! Well, people started taking to social media to share their excitement about this potential collaboration. One person wrote quote, “Olivia x blackpink on the way we won” 

Another chimed in saying “olivia and rosé will saved music industry” And because Petra Collins was there too, some fans think that a “Good 4 u remix x BLACKPINK is coming” And while this all sounds amazing and we are totally on board for any sort of Olivia Rodrigo/Blackpink/Rosé collab, we don’t have any official confirmation yet. So far it’s just this dinner and the fact that they’ve been open about wanting to collaborate. 

Annnnd to add fuel to the rumor fire, Rosé did just cover a Paramore song and Olivia’s music was also inspired by Paramore. “Darling, you are the only exception.” So who knows! A collab could be coming sooner than we think. We will definitely keep you guys posted if we hear anything else. 

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let us know down in the comments below how excited you’d be if Olivia and Rosé were actually working on a project together. 

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