Anti-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics?

Anti-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics?

Let's end where we began the tokyo olympics. 

let's talk about the olympic village it's not just a place to stay it's a place to flaunt almost like a hotel for the athletes and what's the first thing you do at any hotel you check out the room that's exactly what most of the athletes did immediately they noticed a problem.

 let's see if you can spot it this is what rooms at the tokyo olympic village look like the problem we are talking about is pretty central to the room i'll give you a hint look closely at the beds do they look rather flimsy to you 

as if they may fall apart at any moment well they should because these beds are made out of cardboard now cardboard is not exactly sturdy building material a bit of pressure and they break easily so why did the organizers make beds out of cardboards the athletes had an interesting theory 

this is what american sprinter paul kalimo had to say beds to be installed in the tokyo olympic village will be made of cardboard this is aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes one tweet that's all it took the cardboard bed was renamed the anti-sex bed athletes were convinced 

this was some celibacy scheme and in their defense just look at these beds they look more like a juice carton than a bed either way the theory spread like wildfire partly because it made sense johan virus cases are rising in tokyo organizers want athletes to maintain social distancing so any form of intimacy is a strict no and 

in that context anti-sex bets seemed entirely plausible so athletes went to town with these pictures what followed was typical high school stuff who knew world-class athletes had such a great sense of humor but amid all these jokes and puns they forgot one thing to actually test the bed turns out cardboard is a lot stronger than it looks and this irish olympian was more than happy to give a demonstration take a look that was sort of fake news at the olympic games 

the beds are meant to be anti-sex they're made out of cardboard yes but apparently they're meant to break at any sudden movements it's fake fake news if they can survive those frantic jumps rest assured they can survive anything the organizers were quick to thank the irish olympian they said the beds were sustainable and sturdy but you have to say they don't look the part there is a single size for all olympians 

which really doesn't make sense there are heavy power lifters at the olympics as well as lean footballers and towering basketball players how does one size fit them all it doesn't these beds may be too small for a single athlete let alone two so why did tokyo opt for them the organizers say these beds are sustainable once the games are over they will be converted into paper which is a great initiative we say but 

here's a question if the beds are going to be recycled anyway why not make bigger ones seems strange doesn't it these toy like beds may be strong but that doesn't give a clean to the organizers they still want a celibate games village let me tell you why olympic villages are a hotbed of sexual activity at the last olympics in rio 450 000 condoms were supplied 450 000 that's nearly 42 per athlete 

how many will be supplied this year organizers have struck a deal for 160 000 but listen to this the condoms are not for use defeats the whole point of contraception doesn't it but that's what the organizers are saying they want athletes to take 

these condoms back home with them what for to raise awareness on safe sex and hiv again great intention but bizarre implementation every olympics has some controversy or 

the other and for the first time the bedding has got athletes riled up they look like a teenager's diy vacation project totally out of place in an olympic village fingers crossed the pole vault landing beds are better quality we see ryan is 

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