Rihanna, Greta Thunberg UNINFORMED tweet on Farmers protest

Rihanna, Greta Thunberg UNINFORMED tweet on Farmers protest

Talking about what not just India but the whole world now seems to be talking about 

The Indian farmers protest 

I say Indian farmers protest as opposed to the popular hashtag farmer's protest because there's something we seem to be missing out here amidst all the posts the politics and the propaganda the protest has to do with three Indian laws 

meant for Indian farmers passed by Indian lawmakers and stayed by an Indian court 

and while the world is free to talk tweet comment and take up causes the scope does not go beyond that 

freedom of speech is universal do you know what else is an unwritten law that reads with reach comes responsibility 

it applies to entertainers activists world leaders all alike 

you know what we are referring to the Indian farmers protest it is a movement that has been reduced to hashtags 

the cause has been lost in clamour courtesy uninformed opinion singer Rihanna recently asked a question on Twitter 

why isn't anyone talking about this farmer's protest attached to the tweet was this article from CNN it spoke paragraphs on the internet being blocked around new Delhi delivered a sermon on concerns about India's democracy but said very little on what 

the farmer's protest is really about Rihanna shared this with her 101 million-plus followers on Twitter and sparked a chain reaction 

climate activist Greta Sundberg soon expressed solidarity with Indian farmers author and u.s vice president Kamla harris's niece mina harris followed 

she says it is no coincidence that the world's oldest democracy was attacked not even a month ago and as we speak the most populous democracy is under assault this is related unquote 

you know what it is not related America and India are not the same neither are our policies nor our governance 

you cannot understand what's happening in India while sitting in Washington or Los Angeles we live in a free world Rihanna Greta Thunberg mina harris are all entitled to their opinions 

but when you have a certain reach you must be responsible and your opinion must ideally be informed it is fashionable to adopt a cause but it helps to understand it first Indian farmers are protesting because of three farm laws 

it pertains to a sector that engages 1.3 billion Indians it provides livelihood to 70 per cent of Indian population and accounts for 15 of India's GDP the three laws were passed by the Indian parliament in September 2020. 

they were stayed by the Indian supreme court in January 2021 

there is absolutely no scope for a foreign entertainer activist or leader to play a role here no exceptions are being made for a foreign parliament either Claudia Webb is a British legislator she wants Westminster to debate on Indian farm laws and press freedom and 

the British government to make a public statement on the same we just have one question how will this help except for pandering to those who still are under a colonial hangover 

Indian parliamentarians are the only set of legislators who can cater to Indian farmers 11 rounds of talks have already been held like this statement from the Indian external affairs ministry makes clear India is the world's largest functional democracy it respects protests it also respects the sovereignty 

the idea of a self-governing state where tech giants can be pulled up for providing platforms to provocative posts and objectionable hashtags and foreign entities slammed for uninformed and unwarranted comments 

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